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The cost which Roamnia will pay in the moment of the integration is determinated by the risk of the lack of the application of some policies made to improve the economic and social cohesion. Regional and structural problems with which we confront will continue even after the adheration. If we expect only measures adopted at Bruxelles, then for all Romanian society the cost of integration will be difficult to support.

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In the speech of the Romanian political market the European desiteratum of economical and social cohesion is almost absent. While the countries from the Western Europe got aware of the fact that the elimination of the gaps between the regions depend on the common effort and on every effort, the last states that joined and those to join prefer to capitalize on the programms developed by the European Union. The lack of some complementarynational programms backed financially and the vicious management of the European funds for pre-adherence explain the lack of progress and anticipate a grey horizon.

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Aware of the importance and the effects of the balanced development of all the droits de douane import suisse anti aging comunities in the functioning of a unique market,stable and ample and also on its expansion, the founder states France, Germany,Italy, Belgium, Holland,Luxemburg have anticipated initially the objective of economical and social cohesion in the treaty from Rome.

The temporal gap between establishing the action direction and the implementation of a social and economical cohesion policy at the national levelemphasized by the inertia of the political market from Romania, is at the basis of the lack of an evident progress in the direction of the attenuation of the economical and social gaps. After so many years of transition and reorganization without efficiency to put the actual economical and social distortion due to the forty years of centralized economy means no courage to acknowledge our own mistakes.

The lack of a political willthe fear of the political market to lose its advantages if it promotes a fast transition ,but also the fear not to have time to accumulate by corruption as much as possible of the national heritage made the inherited gaps to get accentuated instead of reducing them in some of the activity sectorsamong droits de douane import suisse anti aging regions and categories.

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The evolution on the political field, the process in the economical and demographical field determined the general crash of the economical and social cohesion, determining the appearance of no trust in the capacity of the politics to manage correctly and efficiently the accumulated tensions in the Romanian society. It requires to get our attention to the effects produced by the economical,political and social reorganization for the cohesion desiderata, unanimously acknowledged as being necessary.

The economical reorganisation put forward the amendament of the unbalance between the offer based mainly on the production of investment goods and the solvable request accumulated in time.

This was achieved according to the own objectives and priorities of each government.

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Although the researchers and the specialists in economy have elaborated a strategy to make droits de douane import suisse anti aging market economy in Romania, this was not applied. Additionally the structural changes generated by the economical financial globalization produced effects on all the states of the worldincluding the Romanian economy.

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The lack of a coherent strategy, permanently applied in time,close related to the global changes generated unwanted polarization which lead to the existence of : P zones with an economical regeneration potential represented by urban centers where the activities are diversified and which need the implementation of os some technological innovation programms; P droits de douane import suisse anti aging where there is not the hope of an economical regeneration of the existing structures, represented by the new urban centers created around some companies; P poverty zones made by the doza anti-imbatranire de idebenona parts and also the urban ones with a falling industry.

In the same time there have been changes on the labour market and the effects are felt in droits de douane import suisse anti aging distribution of the incomes, the level of consumption and saving at the level of the toftman sector: P a reduced population of qualified employedwell payed ,sure on establishing the jobs; a great mass of qualified employedwell payedsure on the stability of the jobs; P a great mass of qualified employed but also not qualified ,badly payed, not sure about the continuity of the jobs; P an encreasing number of young specialists next to others close to the pension who get with dificulty jobs on the labour market; P an encreasing number of persons without training or inadequately training due to the lack droits de douane import suisse anti aging some efficient government programms which assure the acces to the training of the not favourized social categories.

The variability and unpredictability of the labour oportunities and the income flux made that the insecurity got in focus. Accordingly to the lack of a coherent strategy of reorganization thought in the context of the new regional and global evolution the social insecurity appears through reduced labour costs small wagesa reduced demand for traditional craftsthe encrease of temporary jobs, the encrease of the working hours to assure the current needs in a reduced manner for those with perspectivenot correct dismissals, the consolidation of unemployment on droits de douane import suisse anti aging medium and long period collateral with the emigration of the active labour force.

The privatisation of the national industry and of some public services was done collateral with the appearance of the union organizations which have a only a part of the employed labour force and the regulation of some sectors especially of the financial servicesthe compulsoriness in selecting the contracts through a public auction, the austerity of the public ex apartenenţa penses and the tax overgrowth of the economy.

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These are only some aspects brought by the political reorganization which lead to new distortions in all the fields of the economical and social life. The social groups economically disadvantaged and those spacially isolated became in the same time offcast from the political life and slightly elective workable.

In the same time an inflow of immmigrants was produced which determined a cultural pluralist composition and supplementary costs to manage this new phenomenon. The fragmentation of the identities based on the affiliation to some social groups as the old ones, the young ones ,skilled workershalf skilled workersnot skilled workers ,highly specialistspublic employeesmanagerial structures, have determined a 3 polarization on the economical and social field of the Romanian society and brakings in the social cohesion plan.

At the same time appeared a new pluralism at the level of some minority groups under the ethnic,religious and sezual orientation aspect which wants to identify its intereststo make them known and to defent them by promoting a politic of identity and acknowledgement.

One can affirm that the monstru magyarul anti-imbatranire interests and the appeared identities are not preoccupied with the existence of a solidarity and global cohesion at the level of the whole society.

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The balanced produse anti-îmbătrânire pentru întâlniri la mijlocul anilor 20 durable development of the economical activity ,the protection of the environment ,the stimulation of the competition, the usage of the available human capital, the elimination of the social inequality need the reducing of the unbalance between the development level of the different regions and areas and the elimination of the under-privileged regions, the developing of the rural areas by means of sustaining financial programms and instruments.

As for the importance of the elaboration and application of a coherent strategy at the level of the regions and of the national level there is needed the promotion of a privat-public partnership to implement the programms. In the same time there is to be assured a transfer of the competence to manage the programms at the regional level to be more efficient used of the attached resources.

droits de douane import suisse anti aging

In order to assure the public financial resources there is necessary a special fund for the economical and social cohesion fueld with some quotas form the actual taxes and the taking over of the total fiscal income made by eco-taxes. In the spirit of the cohesion the whole Romanian society must make an effort to eliminate the inequalities, as otherwise the mechanism of the competitional market can not unguent pentru hemoroizi pentru riduri its part at the level of the national market.

droits de douane import suisse anti aging

To attract the private capital for productive investments where the profitableness is inferior to other areas there can be accepted some financial easyness according to a minimum limita minimum number of new jobs created permanently for a given periodthe technological innovation grade and the loss of rentability aginst the national average. Regarding new public expenses from the special economical and social cohesion fund this has to be made with programms that corresponds to some objectives legaly well establishedcompatible with the goals established at the level of the Eorpean Union.

The compatibility is needed so that the pre-adherence funds from the Phare programm, the special programm for adherence for agriculture and rural development SAPARD and the structural instrument of pre-adherence ISPA should complete the public nad internal private funds also to solve the problems according to the European Union standards.

Notox anti-imbatranire to the presented importance to protect the environment and the consumers mod de a elimina ridurile, the incomes from the eco-taxes must lead only to finance the porjects or the parts to offer ecological goods and for the recycling of the environment to its natural condition.

The establishing of public funds and national private ones together with the financial resources from the pre-adherence funds lead to the completing and establishing the priorities for each programm by the Committee for the economical and social cohesioncommittee made by agents and representatives for the regional development, public local authorities and from the Finance Ministry. In the first phase thsese must assure the diagnosis of the existing situations at the level of each regionthe identification of the most critical economical areas and of the social groups that are disadvantaged, the identification of the developing potential of the areas and the conversion of the targeted social groups.

For this target there will be followed the level of the investments and their nature, the unemployment rate compared to the national level and to the optimal admitted level, the lack of the services for the business environment and for the population, droits de douane import suisse anti aging polution level, the physical waste of the existing infrastructure and the areas where it is reduced or non existent.

After the diagnosis phase must come the programming phase where the programms are established for each region, the corelation to the national level in the frame of some plans for several years and developed at the level of the current year.

At the level of each region the programms must be analitical developed for each area in order to improve the specific local problems. In the next phase the programms will be launched by a public offer and will be done the selection of the projects on the efficiency criteria. There will be done also the detailed documentationthe approving of ceai musetel pentru cearcane projects and the assignation of the resources.

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In any way if the applicants who suggest projects are local public authoritiesother public organizations, non-governamental organizations or belong to the private sector they must give detailed infos on how the project is done, to justify the info with consulting reports, business plans or similar bookkeeping documents to show the financial situation.

The complete description of the project must have a complete evaluation of the total necessary costs for their achievement and the eventual identified private financing resources. As the resources are limited ,after a droits de douane import suisse anti aging selection of the best projects offered for the making of the programms there must be done a detailed evaluation of the info from the presented documentation and a final selection.

When they are approved one can proceed to the correlation of some projects to respond better to fulfill the planned programms.

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Regarding the attributed public resources they must be given as the expenses are honoured by the owner of the projects. If for the making of the project is responsible a private company which is the owner of the project or if the project starts to generate substantial profit the public payments will get a proportional reduction.

This flexibilization will lead to minimum and maximum financing levels from the public resources in the moment of closing the contract with the owner of the project.

In the same time there must be forseen the finacing backing if while executing the project are established unfulfilled objectives. We consider that the management of the implementation of the projects must be descentralized at the regional level and the monitoring of the working aut of the financed projects must be done by the regional developing agencies.

They have to establish the intermediate droits de douane import suisse anti aging of the execution stage of the projects, the resources, some financial audit to certify their usage in the best possible way of the resources and the economical and social cohesion committee must be informed of the results.

droits de douane import suisse anti aging

The last phase represented by the usage of the resources must be of the representatives of the public financial authorities at the local level. The checking is of the structural analyses of the made costs according to their nature and the refund of the not used amounts. According to the nature of the projects the costs of the capital can cover: § territorial investigation; § the deblocking and preparing of the amounts for the next economical and social objectives; § the buying of grounds and the legal taxes and commision; § the building of economical and social objectives and their equipment; § the free access to the bought grounds and buildings; § the buiying of some cosntructions, their equipment, the legal taxes and commission; § the arrangement of the scenery.

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The current costs for the administration of the projects resulted from offering services can cover: § the wages for the employed; § the rent for the hired headquarters; § the leasing for the buildings necessary for the project; § payments for electricity and water, channal, keeping clean, heating; § în 1 cremă anti-îmbătrânire for bookkeeping services.

Practically in the moment of the planing of some programms and later the whole way of selecting the workable projects, the aproving, financing, watching the execution and the checking of the usage of the resources, the risk of detoruning the funds must be avoided and also must be avoided not to fulfill the objectives.

So the established resources must assure the expected performance. The cohesion objectives must be established at the national level to eliminate the polarization between regions or in their interior.

droits de douane import suisse anti aging

The programm suggestions and the projects must come form the local and regional level. The cohesion itself gives a common effort to eliminate the unequalities which are more or less localy for the advantage of the whole society.

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