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Always sickly, he died at the age of 64 from malnutrition. The site was later moved to Homestead, FL. He did not own tall, heavy cranes which engineers use today to construct buildings. He was asked: Why did you do it?

Leedskalnin eventually quarried and sculpted over 1, tons of coral into a monument that would later be known as the Coral Castle. In spite of his private nature, he eventually opened his monument to the public, offering tours for 10 cents. He was a surprisingly accommodating host, even cooking hot dogs for visiting children in a pressure-cooker of his own invention.

Coral Castle has attracted the international attention of professional construction engineers, astounded and mystified by the apparently impossible achievement of this diminutive wonder-worker. It was here, at one of these intersections of Earth energy, that he was supposedly able to move his prodigious stone blocks using the unseen power of our planet.

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In fact, in The Enigma of Coral Castle, Ray Stoner suggests that Leedskalnin moved the Castle not because it was threatened by an encroaching subdivision, but because a surveying error misplaced the site ten miles from an Earth energy vortex or focal point.

In order for the structures to maximize this energy, the entire complex needed to be relocated in Homestead, where the telluric forces were focused.

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Ed Leedskalnin had not moved on to the Florida site by chance. This geometric position was extremely close to one that would be ideal for setting up harmonics related to gravity and light harmonics. The fact that [he] had access to secret knowledge is much more evident in the relationship of Coral Castle to the world energy grid system. It must be exactly situated over an energy vortex, aligned with a celestial event erh măști faciale anti-îmbătrânire extinse events sufficiently precise to predict their recurrence, constructed in a specific shape, and built with certain materials.

Finally, activities at the site may be successfully undertaken only at the moment the celestial events to which it is oriented take place.

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This initial latitude figure, in terms of seconds, showed on my calculator as 1. Notice that the figure of 1. The figure 1.

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The calculated figure above for the number of W. Giza longitude seconds. After his death, a nephew living in Michigan, inherited erh măști faciale anti-îmbătrânire extinse Castle. Inshortly before his death, he sold the Castle to a family from Chicago. This amazing claim to know the secret of how the pyramids of Egypt was built was made by a Latvian man named Edward Leedskalnin.

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He was an immigrant to the United States of America. He devised a way to single-handedly lift and move blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each.

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In Homestead, Florida, he used his closely guarded secret, and was able to quarry and construct an entire complex of monolithic blocks of coral. The weight of a single block used in the Coral Castle was greater than those that were used to build the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. It took him 28 years to complete his work, which equaled about 1, tons of rock. In the s, a gang of thugs thought Ed had hidden riches. They beat him up and tried to rob him.

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Ed was shocked at this invasion into his private world. The attack motivated Leedskalnin to move Coral Castle!

He picked up every megalith some stones weighed up to 30 tons and transported his entire castle. He hired a local trucker, but the driver was always directed to look away as Ed loaded the truck. All 3 million pounds of hard coral was moved 10 miles to its present location near Homestead Florida.

ANALE ŞTIINŢIFICE - Baza de date a revistelor ştiinţifice

How did Ed move all of these carvings a distance of 10 miles? Ed had the chassis of an old Republic truck on which he laid two rails. He had a friend with a tractor who moved the loaded trailer from Florida City to Homestead.

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Many people saw the coral carvings being moved along the old Dixie Highway, but no one ever saw Ed loading or unloading the trailer. Ed did much of his work at night by lantern light. He seemed to have a sixth sense which told him when some one was trying to spy on him.

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The numerous lookouts along the Castle walls will attest to his suspicious nature. Leedskalnin, had within his castle walls, coral blocks weighing approximately 15 tons each.

He built a ton obelisk, a ton moon block, a ton Jupiter block, a Saturn block, a 9-ton gate, a rocking chair that weighed 3-tons, and numerous puzzles, all made of coral. A huge, 9-ton rock that functions as a door and gate is perfectly balanced. One push from a small child can open it.

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On top of a huge ton block, which he considered to be his major achievement, he crowned it with a gable-shaped rock. Leedskalnin received attention not only from engineers and technologists, but from the U.

None ever were given the secret. Infalling ill, Leedskalnin checked himself into the hospital and died, taking his secret with him.

If all matter consists of individual magnets, we know that like poles repel and unlike poles attract.

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Magnets seek to attract and, left to themselves, will align their opposite poles to each other. The earth, being the largest magnet, issues forth streams of magnetic energy which follow lines of force that have been noted for centuries.

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If we assume, as Leedskalnin did, that all objects consist of individual magnets, we can also assume that an attraction exists between these objects due to the inherent nature of a magnet seeking to align an opposite pole to another.

This vibrates the elements in the bar and allows them to be influenced by the magnetic field they are in. The result is that when erh măști faciale anti-îmbătrânire extinse vibration stops, a significant number of the atoms have aligned themselves within this magnetic field.

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His fly-wheel for creating electricity remains motionless, for the most part, until inquisitive tourists like me come along and give it a spin. After a few revolutions, I realized that something was missing. The narrative I had heard, while browsing around the castle, described Leedskalnin as using this device to create electricity to power his electric light bulbs.

On closer examination of this piece, I found that the whole assembly was actually an old 4-cylinder crank case. His flywheel was mounted on the front end of the crankshaft and consisted of bar magnets that were sandwiched between two plates, the upper plate being a ring gear. Giving it weight and solidifying the entire assembly, Leedskalnin had encased the bar magnets with cement.

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It then occurred to me that the photo of Leedskalnin with his hand on erh măști faciale anti-îmbătrânire extinse crank handle, which is attached to the end of the shaft, may not accurately represent his entire operation. It is possible that Leedskalnin was using the crank handle to start a reciprocating engine, now missing, which attached to one of the throws on the crankshaft.

He would then be able to walk away and leave his flywheel running. I was now mystified. I had developed a notion that the bars attached to the flywheel were actually being used to develop vibration in the piece Leedskalnin was trying to lift.

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There was one factor I needed to check out, though, before I headed back to Illinois. I had tested the bar magnet with a pocket knife. The knife was attracted to each bar. I needed to know, conclusively, the arrangement of the poles in the wheel, to see, indeed, whether the assembly was capable erh măști faciale anti-îmbătrânire extinse creating electricity.