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Yes and no. A world citizen like anybody else on our small planet, yes. No, because I consider myself a European of Italian nationality, one who has had the luck and privilege to spend most of his professional life in the service of possibly the greatest political achievement in the history of our continent, the creation of the European Union. I must say that in all the countries where I have lived outside Europe I have been struck by the deep interest that their citizens have in general about the EU and its achievements.

Premisele revolutiei americane Apr 5, Continentul american, descoperit la sfarsitul secolului al XV-lea, a fost colonizat, pe rand, de spanioli, portughezi si francezi. Criza social-politica si religioasa din Marea Britanie favorizeaza emigrarea in masa spre tinuturile Americii: de la 4. Intemeiate de stat, de particulari, de societati comerciale sau religioase, coloniile nu aveau o organizare administrativa unitara si nici acelasi grad de dezvoltare economica. Cu toate ca principala ocupatie era agricultura, ea nu era practicata la fel peste tot. Astfel, in Nord exista mica proprietate, iar in Sud marea proprietate plantatiile pe care lucrau, in special, sclavii negrii.

They envy, in a vichy fiole antirid pret, what the EU citizens have been offered through the reunification of their continent. Travelling has always been an experience of constant renewal for me.

fabrice richard switzerland anti aging

Indeed, as a boy my main hero was Odysseus. In general I travel for business purposes, to reach places where through my work I meet people, share activities and pursue results.

In general I take advantage of the flight to relax and have a good nap.

fabrice richard switzerland anti aging

I find crossing the Alps particularly impressive, not to mention the route between Bucharest and Rome, going over places and towns where I have lived in the Western Balkans. Particularly spectacular is the flight over Split and crossing the Adriatic on the Italian side, almost fabrice richard switzerland anti aging over my hometown before the descent towards the Eternal City.

fabrice richard switzerland anti aging

I admire, of course, all those passengers courageous enough to keep busily working on their laptops. I feel a bit guilty for enjoying the flight time doing something else. I always have in my pocket a small red coral horn as a talisman.

fabrice richard switzerland anti aging

It is a token that was given to me by my mother years ago. I am fabrice richard switzerland anti aging particularly superstitious, but one never knows In developing or war torn countries, every trip can become an adventure, be it by land, sea or air.

MFIII of Switzerland

You need stamina, patience and, above all, luck. All Armenia was without electricity and the temperature was well below zero. In the front of the plane there were painters and musicians with their works and instruments, going to Paris to try their luck.

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Throughout the trip they all sang the most delicate arias in compassionate and warm unison. At the back of the plane, were the many wounded from the ongoing war of Nagorno-Karabakh, who were being evacuated to French hospitals under the auspices of the Armenian French diaspora.

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I feel at home in all the places where I have worked and formed lasting friendships. Of course, going back to my hometown in central Italy, I have memories of my past, my childhood.

fabrice richard switzerland anti aging

But my hometown is just one of the places where I feel at home; one that is dear to me just as the others are.