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The abstracts of the papers published in this volume are exclusivelyengaging authors. Sergei F. C of theUniversity of Oradea;Dr. C ofthe University of Oradea;Dr. Gheorghe Gh.

Ionescu — Dr. C of the University ofOradea;Dr. Constantin Rosca — Dr. C of the Universityof Oradea;Dr.

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Gheorghe Olah — University of Oradea. Scientific Committee:Dr.

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Emilian M. Nicolae Al. Drule, Alexandru Chiş and Adina G. Ilieș, Horaţiu C. Sălăgean, Bogdan L. Bâlc, Mihai Gherman Pop, Florin Draghescu, Vlad Roşca Pop Vele cubm. Toader cubm. Hahn cubm. Thereference point of this reasearch is represented by the management process in the publicadministration in the city of Baia Mare for which there are, in the general economy of thepaper, the most complex resources for an empirical research.

The approach on both concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims institutional, territorial has a complex character but at the same time,a unitary one.

The promotion of polycentricand balanced territorial development as an essential element for the territorial cohesionrealization represents one of the priorities of Europe Strategy In this context, theformation and consolidation of the development poles as basic elements for the creation ofpolycentric networks must be supported by integrated politics at local and regional level.

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Thestudy cases outlined in the paper represent models for the use of different publicmanagement tools in concrete situations that cover most of the fields aproached in localadministration. Also, the future Cohesion Policy fundswill involve greater effort for obtaining a regional environment that sustains innovation andresearch through support for capacity building.

Today, nearly one in five is between 15 and 24years. Worldwide, there are over 1. The crisis of youth employment is an important aspect of theemployment crisis worldwide.

Main problems derives not only from the level and duration ofunemployment among young people, but also the decreasing quality of jobs available forthem.

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The paper presents a demographic analysis of the evolution and distribution amongyoung people and main challenges related to their insertion on the labor market. Itprovides some contributions to the institutionalist debate of the present crisis of theEuropean Union, and within it, the Economic and Monetary Union EMU.

The two mainissues of the empirical research are the effect of the different institutions on economicgrowth and the relative importance of institutions compared with the traditionalmacroeconomic components of economic development. The institutionalist traditions ofcomparative political science and political economy as well as institutional economics definethe framework of interpretation.

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The analysis sheds some light on the relationship betweeneconomic concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims and the different institutional dimensions, namely the legalenvironment, political institutions, public policy institutions governance and the informalinstitutions, the cultural components of the economic-political behaviour.

The empiricalresearch examines the development pattern of the European Union countries between and as well as the relationship between economic development and institutional qualityin that period by descriptive and explanatory statistical methods.

The results reveal glutation pentru anti-îmbătrânire Abstracts of the International ConferenceEuropean Integration — New Challenges, 9th edition - EINCO May 24, Oradea, Romaniarelationship among the different aspects of institutional quality in the EU countries; withinEurope concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims cannot observe a Singaporean type contradictory constellation between thequality of democratic institutions and public policy effectiveness.

The path of Europeandevelopment has been concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims a conspicuously strong correlation among the differentinstitutional dimensions: the high quality of democratic institutions, the respect of the rule oflaw and property rights and the effective governance are going hand in hand with thegrowth-supporting components of the culture.

In cultural terms, the high level of trust,respect and self-determination as well as the lack of obedience ensure the most successfullong-term growth pattern in Europe. Another important finding is that the EMU countries areconspicuously heterogeneous in their institutional quality and the Mediterranean members ofthe Euro area are institutionally closer to the non-EMU-member Central-Eastern Europeancountries than the core EMU countries.

Concerning the economic policy consequences, theheterogeneity of the informal institutions fundamentally challenges the effectiveness of theapproach of stronger harmonisation by stricter formal rules and stricter sanctions against thenorm-breaking Euro area members. We started with an analysis of the Romanian context thatallowed us to develop a conceptual framework. Results show that the most significant factors,with a negative impact, are political and economical ones while technological and culturalfactors are perceived as factors with a positive influence.

Our conclusions have a high33 Abstracts of the International ConferenceEuropean Integration — New Challenges, 9th edition - EINCO May 24, Oradea, Romaniainformational content and can be useful for those involved in policy making and buildinginstitutional capacity in terms of human resources development. Keywords: project management, human resources development project, critical factor,PESTC analysis, implementation management. The paper is addressed to all persons interested in this domain, especiallyfor those that work in this sector non-governmental sector, third sector and that need tohave a better perspective on the situation.

Un asemenea titlu îmi garantează oprobriul general.

The methodology was based on selfdocumentation which involved a wide range of materials: reports, case studies, paper works,articles, specific sites, European Union guides. This paper underlines the bad influence ofthe social crisis on sustainable development.

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My research includes both quantitative andqualitative dates; the ideas are embraced by my own convictions on the topic and tend toexpress also my beliefs on the matter. The added value of the paper is provided by theelements brought together: the topic, which, as common as can be, has a critical importancefor the economy, blended with new information related to European Union Funds abortionand statistic dates regarding the work market in our country. The paper starts with anintroduction that concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims general information about the topic, a short background on the nextheadlines.

As follows, each headline surprises with punctual elements of social crisis:determinant causes, solutions found, institutions involved, conclusions.

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The results of thepaper shows that institutions in Romania are concerned about this situation and fight tobring out the best solutions, even if community is not totally prepared to accept it. The Commission brings also the know-how of the other EuropeanUnion Countries that confronted with these situations and, in better conditions know, setshere good practices within the projects they finance.

This paper should be read andacknowledged as a base for the social economy development and it aims to create aninterest for more persons in contributing to the strategic growth of the country and people.

The paper is addressed to all persons interested in this domain,especially for those that work in this sector non-governmental sector, public institutions, etc and that need to have a better perspective on the concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims.

The methodology was based onself-documentation which involved a wide range of materials: reports, case studies, paperworks, articles, specific sites, European Union guides. This paper underlines the importanceof European Concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims funds and how they differ from one country to another, the situation ofabsorption in Concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims with dates regarding the level of absorption. My research includesboth quantitative and qualitative dates; the ideas are embraced by my own opinions on the34 Abstracts of the International ConferenceEuropean Integration — New Challenges, 9th edition - EINCO May 24, Oradea, Romaniatopic and expresses also my beliefs on the matter.

The added value of the paper is providedby the elements brought together: the situation of European Crema antirid 40 absorption in EasternEuropean countries and in Romania, the rage of absorption for each Operational Programand relevant conclusions.

The paper starts with an introduction that offers generalinformation about the topic, concept anti-imbatranire sampanie reims short background on the next headlines.


As follows, eachheadline surprises with punctual elements of European Union funds and absorption:determinant causes, solutions found, institutions involved, conclusions.

The results of thepaper shows that in the next period there are big chances for absorption to growth due tothe identified problems.

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Lack of experience and non-qualified persons, low qualitymanagement lead to unsatisfactory results. Institutions in Romania are concerned about thissituation and fight to bring out the best solutions.

Innovation is the tool that can help regions develop regardless oftheir natural resources and potential. The main purpose of the paper is to foster theinnovation at regional level in Romania in order to determine and highlight the need offurther measures to increase regional innovation and regional development of Romanianregions in the current context of getting out of the economic crises. Romania is subject ofdiscrepancies not only at European level but at national level as well in terms of economicdevelopment and regional innovation.