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    The film stars 20 minute edition suisse anti aging regular muse and partner, Kim Minhee, as the apparently happily married Kim catching up, in turn, with three old female acquaintances over several days when her husband heads off on a business trip — her first time alone for several years.

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    Here, the few encounters with men tend to the fleeting and show them broadly as irritating hurdles for the female protagonists to surmount. As ever with Hong, and even in the context of one of his more direct and readable works, a pleasurable elusiveness pervades matters.

    But as in his previous film, Aquariusfascism works in mysterious ways in his WTF western. And Mendonça Filho keeps the real enemy tantalisingly out of focus.

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    So far, so western as the village increasingly comes under siege: it bizarrely disappears off the map, mobile signal disappears and corpses pile up. Throw in psychotropic drugs, a drone that resembles a s B-movie flying saucer, assassins in neon motorcycle suits and a posse of foreign mercenaries thirsty for blood, and what emerges is a shape-shifting genre yarn with surprises aplenty but maybe at times too much on its plate.

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