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Before Dropbox, she used data science and machine learning techniques to answer complex questions about augmented and virtual reality user engagement and sentiment for Microsoft HoloLens team. Marianna is a strong advocate of using analytics to enhance user and developer experience, and loves sharing her knowledge about the power of analytics with other engineers.

Marianna has given multiple talks and written several Dropbox blog posts on the subject.

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When not coding, Marianna enjoys playing electric guitar and hanging out with her husband and her cat in beautiful sunny Seattle. Using data science to improve your mobile app and enrich your life as a mobile engineer Speaker Session About the talk Do you want to learn how to quickly come up with new mobile features for your app that your users will love, significantly improve app performance, prevent major outages and advance your career?

In this talk, I will walk through several case studies of how I used data to do all that and more. I will discuss tools that mobile engineers can use to learn data science techniques and apply them to revamp their day to day work. He is passionate about JVM and high throughput, low latency distributed systems. Green threads: the great return Speaker Session About the talk Asynchronous programming turns out to be an efficient model to deal with concurrency, but is the development process truly enjoyable?

Canada Says: «No, Thanks» to Bradley Birkenfeld

Have you ever been locked in a callback hell? Did you experience losing the control flow or the context? How can we keep using the well-known procedural, synchronous, and blocking semantics without worrying too much about performance?

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During the presentation, we will dive into Project Loom and its ambition to provide easy-to-use, high-throughput lightweight concurrency and new programming models on the Java platform. He started as a Technical Evangelist, and in this role presented on numerous conferences, including twice being on stage with Steve Ballmer. He then worked for 2 years as Senior Software Engineer, helping big European companies to start pilot digital transformation projects based on in AI and ML.

As Cloud Developer Advocate, Dmitry focuses on creating educational content and working with academic and research institutions.

Microsoft Azure for Mobile Developers Speaker Session About the talk In this technical talk, I will focus more on specific technologies that allow building mobile system backends from convenient building blocks.

I will also share a personal story of creating an interactive museum exhibit using UWP Application on Raspberry Pi and intelligent cloud backend. Mobile Stage Delivery Director at Cognizant Softvision x Delivery Director at Cognizant Softvision About Andrei Rebenciuc Andrei is a Delivery Director with more than 15 years of experience in all kinds of business environments: from freelancing to national design agencies, from tech startups to corporations, and backward.

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He is focused on building consumer-facing digital products for banking and financial services companies as well as retail and social media. Their expertise lies in building cross-functional teams to deliver digital products for both small scale startups and large scale enterprises.

He is entrepreneurial in his skill set and loves challenges that help him solve real problems. Due to his technical background as a Front-end developer, he can use all of the skills he has acquired and apply them to deliver successful projects.

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Emerging Technology in FinTech products Speaker Session About the talk Usually considered not the most innovative or very late adopters of technology trends, FinTech companies, from startups to large investment banks, started to prove otherwise. Fairly passionate about the Kubernetes garnier crema fata spf 50 and related technologies.

Do it yourself, or let your cloud provider do it? Building for Using Java tactical design to support long term strategic goals Speaker Session About the talk Building for the long run? While at Vodafone, he helped to build services for some of the first web-enabled phones. He plays a leadership ubs banking login swiss anti aging in web standards, serving as co-chair of the W3C Technical Architecture Group. As the web extends to every aspect of how we live out lives, it comes under additional pressure to be safe and live up to its ethical foundations.

Main Stage - Head of Innovation at rinf. Victor believes that the best results come when people from different teams and departments, from inside and outside the organization, come together to strive towards a common goal. Favorite roles: chaos piloting, divergent thinking, asymmetric alternatives, enduring under uncertainty, and enjoying the surprises along the way.

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Engineer of the Future TODAY Speaker Session About the talk Throughout the past year, the entire Tech industry went through an exponential acceleration in the adoption and development of new working practices.

The challenge is making sure that the professional training system for engineers keeps up with the innovation pace within the industry. Besides working alongside a cross functional team to build cool new features for our game, I love being an associate teaching assistant for a java course at the University of Bucharest. I am a lean startup supporter, and occasionally run marathons and do private trainings on the Spring stack.

The magic [microservices architecture] behind serving millions of users on a daily basis Speaker Session About the talk In this talk we will go over some of the key patterns used in order to build an architecture suitable for high load applications.

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We will explore how reactive microservices can sustain an ever-growing business and user base while keeping us outside of our comfort ubs banking login swiss anti aging. He has taught more than 2, hours of courses and applications as a teaching assistant and professor at the Faculty of Automation and Computers in Bucharest. Besides the IT field and mathematics, Cătălin is interested in world culture and in soccer.

He is a lifelong supporter of FC Argeş Piteşti. He is best known for leveraging cutting edge research and technologies for transforming products thereby impacting hundreds of millions of users. I develop web and mobile enterprise software solutions at Systematic, Denmark, supporting home care, social services, and help to citizens.

I have led the development of features to ensure a high degree of security and data privacy in our products and worked on modernizing our platforms and applications for ubs banking login swiss anti aging cloud-native world. I like contributing to open source projects like Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Keycloak, and I write articles about application security, cloud development, and JVM languages and frameworks on my blog: thomasvitale.

Cloud Native with Spring Boot and Kubernetes Speaker Session About the talk The Spring ecosystem provides you with all you need to build cloud native applications, focusing on productivity, simplicity and speed. He is on the Data streaming team in charge of building event driven libraries and tools on top of Kafka and ZIO.

Has many years of experience as a developer of large scale web services — First in. Net, later in Scala. Completely re-written using the state-of-the-art concurrent-functional-effects library ZIO, Greyhound offers rich functionality including: — Trivial setup of message processing parallelisation, — Various fault tolerant retry policies for consumers AND producers— Easy ubs banking login swiss ubs banking login swiss anti aging aging of metrics publishing and context propagation and much more.

George Romania

Supported languages include Java and Scala. This talk will also show how Greyhound is used by Wix developers in more than event-driven microservices, enabling them to focus on event-driven business logic while handling all the necessary mechanics for them. L1 Support Engineer. RPA Developer.

These three roles describe her career, from her first day in Accenture, until now. Well, she took the chance that Accenture has offered her, and she made the best of it. As a Senior RPA Developer, Oana is in charge of designing and developing automation solutions, maintaining these bots and aligning with the global team. Internship Mentor.

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Hackathon Mentor. Hackathon Participant. Career Counselor.

I am results oriented, multi-tasking, problem solving, decision making, skills gained through my educational and working experience; Ability to adapt to changes and to work on challenging targets. Extensive experience in data warehouse and business intelligence projects ; development, testing, monitoring, maintenance and administration of information systems ; support and maintenance for various applications within BSS Business Support Systems landscape. Lead the solution design and implementation aspects of engagements ensuring high quality, integrated software solutions within constraints of time and budget.

Hour of Code Teacher. Hackathon Juror. Women and Robots. How I build my path in the dynamic world of Technology. Ubs banking login swiss anti aging, apparently not much. In this talk I will focus on my journey that always had surprises around the corner. The path was steep and with bumps, it became scary and overwhelming sometimes.

But guess what? When I finally reached the peak I found out that…naturally, there is another peak to climb.

After years of hard work, I became a Senior Developer and I thought that it cannot get better than that. Until one day I completely steered to degrees and everything I knew before suddenly changed: the technology, the people I worked with and even the language. Then I went back to square one and started all over.

He got a surprisingly cool reception. Bradley Birkenfeld was paid the highest-ever U.

What is the key to success in this ever changing world of technology. How do we adapt and how ubs banking login swiss anti aging we know which is the best path to take? My first contact was when I was less than 10 years old, so it gives more than 30 years.

Professionally I am involved in IT industry for over 20 years. I used to work loccitane crema big companies, and small startups. I am the DevOps Institute Ambassador.

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We are focusing on human side of Devops. My main focus these days is self development. Should I enforce the security for Infrastructure as Code? We have multiple tools, more and more of projects are fully automated. But there is one but important catch.

What if… something is misconfigured? How it will impact the infrastructure, platform, application?

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And how to not react, but prevent these problems? During this talk we will explore the threads and solution which should be implemented and enforced by leaders in the organizations. Key skills include automation, container orchestration, cloud computing, storage, logging and monitoring stacks. Best practices and corner case scenarios. DevOps Stage -