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Un nouveau volume de la revue Speech and Context. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www. Language of publication: English from May Materials included in this volume were previously reviewed.

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If then I do not grasp the meaning of what someone is saying, I am a foreigner to the speaker, and he is a foreigner to me 1 Corinthians, University of Nizwa, Oman Abstract: The following is a study of the representation of the reflexes of the roots of the Borean language family in the Eurasiatic, Afroasiatic, Sino-Caucasian, Austric, and Amerind language families.

This Borean language family is considered to be a macrolanguage family, which comprises the aforementioned language families as their members. With the selection of words of this macro-family we can state that the roots of this macrofamily are neither equally distributed among the member families nor distributed in the framework of the traditional borders of natural languages families.


We derive from our findings that the early hypothetical linguistic states of humans allowed the representation of oneself and the environment as its thesaurus entailed the conceptual meanings for it. On the contrary, a grammticalization in the traditional understanding is not obviously resulting from the material as well as unlikely to have happened. Keywords: protolanguage, concept, a prehistoric state, linguistic, communication.

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Introduction: About the need of theory of linguistics at the end of linguistic history The following article is an approach to find answers to the question of relations between languages transgressing the traditional classification systems of language branches of natural languages.

Nevertheless, historical linguistic studies have since the 19th century discovered that the branches of language families have hypothetical common ancestors or at least share a common morphological material at the level of the words of their lexical inventory.

The state of lack of historical material leads nolens volens to the necessity of theoretical frameworks about linguistic states in pre-historical times. This work of historical linguistic research has brought forward since the 19th century not only the knowledge of relationships between widely disperses languages as language familieswhich also tells us something about the migration backgrounds that can be additionally compared to findings in archeology and anthropology as supporting evidence.

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Also systematic linguistic inventory lists of the commonly shared lexical inventory have been presented by linguists. The question how a community of speakers actually evolves increases our relative helpless state of methodological approaches, as even the theoretical material seem to be in need of a revision. But this is not the case and we will in the following article based on the material of the Borean language family demonstrate how the a community of speakers through differentiation of linguistic material and secondary grammaticalization could have communicated without the social and cultural borders we usually associate to linguistic varieties.

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Under this assumption, morphology is merely a consequence of language use: affixal morphology is the result of the agglutination of free words, and morphophonemic MP alternations arise through the morphologization of once regular phonological processes [3]. Gibson in Language or Protolanguage?


Hurford [5] and D. The wide range of estimates in the literature from the australopithecine era to the emergence of our own species suggests that there are inadequate constraints to determine dates at this point. Much depends, too, on the nature of the initial selective pressure. The usual approach for the reconstruction of linguistic states, which lack historical documentation, is the reconstruction of a hypothetical former state based on the material of words in historical languages, which show similarities.

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These similar words can be cognates or other phonetically similar words. The state of the protolanguages is discussed, as one position refers to them as hypothetical, whereas another position states that these protolanguages have existed and were used around BCE. In other words: The previously mentioned approach tends to an evolutionary instructor zumba suisse anti aging of languages including protolanguages going hand in hand with the evolution of the human from the apes, which already partly were able to produce and use features of the protolanguages see [4].

Bouchard-Côté, D. Hall, Th. Griffiths, and D. We present a family of probabilistic models of sound change as well as algorithms for performing inference in these models.

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As in other recent work in computational historical PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www. The database Tower of Babel entails indexes of the major language families with roots of protolanguages and the hypothetical Borean root as the antecedent root with representations in the main branches of language families.

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Based on the Borean root, it is possible to trace the relationships between words of protolanguages and the related reflexes in natural languages. In academia the question is approached since antiquity by philosophers and rhetoricians and in the heritage of the tradition of Western academic studies in linguistics, semiotics, and communication sciences further answered.

How linguists interpret the instructor zumba suisse anti aging from the comparisons of linguistic varieties varies. The simplest description for the common features we are interested in is an inductively derived morphological material at word-level, which is shared among language varieties.

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Our research interest focuses on the common linguistic features of languages beyond the level of a single branch of languages. The Starostinian database and the concept of the Borean instructor zumba suisse anti aging family allow us to have material for the comparison of material beyond the level of language families. As propedeutics for the problem and our discussion and as the description of the segment of our research in a case study we select a semantic framework idea of most common words of a linguistic variety and semantic categories of lexical material.

It is statistically possible to rank the most commonly used words within a text corpus of a thesaurus. An example is the list of the most commonly used words in the English language see table below. On the contrary, it is not possible to determinate the exact meaning of words, when operating at the level of hypothetical linguistic states, since here conceptual meanings are associated to the material.