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Answer: You can use any moisturizer you like! If you want more exfoliation, I would recommend one with glycolic acid in it.

Formula lejeră hidratează pielea timp de 24 de ore și-i asigură o senzație de prospețime cu efect de lungă durată. Tehnologia patentată cu micro-picături de extract de camelie se combină cu antioxidantul Blue Ginger PFA, ceea ce ajută la menținerea nivelului optim de umiditate și la protejarea sistemului natural de apărare al pielii.

Be sure to use a suncreen if you're going to be out in the sun all day! Question: Is it ok to use a face scrub while using this product? Answer: Hello, To prevent over exfoliation, I would either alternate days between the products, or use one in the morning and one at night.

I hope that helps!

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Question: How often should I use? Answer: Hello, For most skin types, this cleanser is gentle enough to use daily.

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For the best results, I would start with that and adjust accordingly! Question: Does your promo code still work?

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Answer: Hello, Yes we currently have 2 promotions running. Question: I have oily skin but this made my face very tight and dry? Will this go away if my skin gets used to it?

Answer: If your skin is tight and dry after using this wash, it could mean your skin is not accustomed to pub belge allure anti aging acid. I would recommend using it 3 times a week and see how that goes!

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Question: does this contain aluminum oxide? Answer: No it doesn't contain aluminum oxide. Question: Only received one I purchased two. It definitely cleans my skin and putting on oil after would only clog up my pores.

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I want my skin to breathe after using this item. I suggest you try it a couple of times and see if you need a follow up moisturizer. Every skin type requires different methods but one can only make a good decision after trying and making adjustments after each use.

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I like this product because it cleans your skin without leaving a soap residue and it has helped soften the look of minor scars after continued use. God Bless. Josett Question: My only concern with trying this product is that one of your ingredients says fragrance.

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Will you please tell me the source of your fragrance? Answer: I'm a purchaser not the manufacturer.

But what I can tell you is it has a light fragrance - of soap. That's the best way I can describe it. I faithfully use it.

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I am sensitive to string scents due to migraines and this is not close enough to a strong scent to bother me at all. I am happy to answer any questions you have as a product user.

I will buy another when this runs out, no doubt.

But I cannot answer specific manufacturing pub belge allure anti aging. Client rating.