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    This remarkable and widespread scope of laponite properties makes them attractive as smart platforms for new biohybrid materials.

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    References [1] M. Lezhnina, T. Grewe, H. Stoehr and U. Kynast, Angew. Felbeck, et al.

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    C, Kaup, T. Felbeck, M. Staniford and Swiss incop anti îmbătrânire. Kynast, J. Staniford1, Marina M. Lezhnina1, M. Gruener2, Christian A. Strassert2 and Ulrich H. However, for intimate interactions with bacteria, further modifications on the laponite itself were required [2,3].

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    Next to aqueous solutions of these hybrids, stationary imbeddings into membranes also retained their cytotoxicity, opening a new pathway to antimicrobial surfaces. References 1 M. DeRosa, R. Crutchley, Coord. Staniford et al, Chem. Grüner et al, ACS Appl.

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    Interfaces,7 37 MNPs offer the possibility to deliver drugs and heat at specific locations. The development and characterization of the nanosystem are therefore important steps to ensure that the nanosystem has the desired properties to be used for both magnetic hyperthermia and drug delivery.

    For example, functionalisation of the MNPs with a suitable polymer layer can provide biocompatibility, colloidal stability, drug loading capability and stimuli-responsive behavior.

    Magnetic nanosystems that respond to both a change in pH and temperature can give spatial and temporal control over the release of the drug, by making use of the acidic pH found in tumor microenvironment and heat generated from the MNPs when exposed to an alternating magnetic field AMF Swiss incop anti îmbătrânire triggers for the drug release.

    Moreover, heat has been found to greatly enhance the intracellular drug uptake and the cytotoxic effect of many chemotherapeutic drugs, resulting in a synergistic effect of the therapy.

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    This work aims to develop a dual pH- and thermo-responsive magnetic nanosystem allowing for the triggered release of chemotherapeutic drugs as a consequence of hyperthermia and acidic tumor microenvironment, through breakage of pH and heat labile Schiff base bonds that bind the drug molecules to the polymer. Iron oxide NPs were synthesized by a microwave-assisted co-precipitation method.

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    Finally, the heating performances of the nanohybrids were investigated using a magnetic AC hyperthermia system. The LCST of the polymer could be easily tuned by varying the initial monomers ratio to be in the hyperthermia temperature range.

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    FTIR analyses confirmed the successful grafting of the polymer by the Swiss incop anti îmbătrânire of characteristic carbonyl ester bonds at cm By varying the MNPs to polymer ratio and the pH of the solution during the functionalization step, suspensions with long term colloidal stability could be obtained.

    Their potential as magnetic hyperthermia agents was confirmed, demonstrating at the same time the importance of colloidal stability on the heating performances. Vladescu1, M. Badea2, M. Braic1, A. Kiss1, M. Moga2, V. Braic1, E.

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