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Bornes interactive suisse anti aging. Chemical Constituents of Three Allium Species from Romania

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The aim of this work was to study the chemical composition of Allium obliquum L. Alliin was identified only in A. The pattern of phenol carboxylic acids shows the presence of p-coumaric and ferulic acids in all species.

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Isoquercitrin was identified in A. Luteolin and apigenin were identified only in A. All three species contain glycosides of kaempferol and quercetol. The results obtained showed significant differences in the composition of the three Allium species.

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Keywords: Allium species, alliin, allicin, polyphenolic bornes interactive suisse anti aging, phytosterols 1. Introduction Many epidemiological studies have suggested that certain natural foods could prevent the development of different diseases. Garlic and onion have a variety of pharmacological effects, including chemopreventive activity and tumor cell growth inhibition [ 123 ].

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Previous studies showed that many Allium plants other than A. The antioxidant activity of Allium species is due to a variety of sulphur-containing compounds and their precursors, but it is also related to other bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, dietary fiber and microelements [ 2 ]. Allicin is a flavour component of garlic Allium sativum which is formed due to the hydrolysis of alliin when the garlic tissue is damaged.

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To evaluate the quality of garlic and garlic products, it is important to consider all the precursors and the biological active substances present bornes interactive suisse anti aging 345 ].

A decomposition product of allicin has hypocholesterolaemic activity [ 5 ].

According to WorldCat, this is the third effort in the history of Romanian literature and the first in the twenty-first century to present Romanian literature to the English-speaking world. The current work is presented as an original effort brought into the English by ten translators and a team of editors who perhaps learned English from people who have never spoken the language. Unfortunately, most of the contributions to Romanian Literature as World Literature are difficult to get through. Abounding in parentheses, subordinate clauses, and run-on sentences that run on and on, countless pages discourage the reader.

Ajoene a secondary degradation product of alliin inhibits platelet aggregation by altering the platelet membrane via an interaction with sulphydryl groups [ 5 ]. Antimicrobial activity is well documented for garlic, and antifungal activity is more effective than nystatin allicin is thought to be the main active component by inhibition of lipid synthesis.

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  • Chemical Constituents of Three Allium Species from Romania
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In vitro antiviral activity was attributed to allicin and its derivatives, and alliin has antihepatotoxic activity in vitro and in vivo [ 45 ]. Polyphenols are bioactive substances widely distributed in natural products.

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They have been reported to have multiple biological properties, such as antioxidant, antimutagenic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities [ 67 ].

Medicinal plants rich in polyphenols can retard the oxidative degradation of lipids and improve the quality and nutritional value of food [ 8 ]. The sterols occur in a large segment of plant species; both yellow and green vegetables contain appreciable quantities [ 9 ].

Phytosterols have demonstrated the capability to block the uptake of cholesterol to which they are structurally related and also facilitate its excretion from the body [ 9 ].

The most common phytosterols in natural products are β-sitosterol, stigmasterol, and campesterol. Sterols can reduce the atherosclerotic clnf baschet elvețian anti aging and offer protection against cardiovascular diseases [ 10 ].

1. Introduction

They decrease the risks of breast, prostate and colon cancer [ 1112 ]. Furthermore, phytosterols have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties [ 13 ]. All phytosterols in the human body come exclusively from the diet, as they cannot be synthesized by humans.

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The Allium L. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Allium sp. The ethnobotanical data from Romania mention 32 wild and cultivated species of Allium L. Chives have a bornes interactive suisse anti aging effect on the circulatory system by lowering the blood pressure, and they have antimicrobial activity, especially antifungal, and antioxidant properties.

The pharmacological effects are due to diallyl sulfides diallyl monosulfide, diallyl disulfide, diallyl trisulfide, diallyl tetrasulfideflavonoids, vitamin C, and carotenoids [ 323 ].

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As a wild species it can also be found in Central Asia and Siberia. In traditional medicine, A. To increase our understanding of the pharmacological and nutraceutical activities of Allium species, further comprehensive study of its nutrients, especially alliin, allicin, polyphenolic compounds and phytosterols, is essential.

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The most frequent method used to determine sterols in plants is GC coupled with different detectors; there are several publications on HPLC-MS identification of phytosterols in vegetable oils and less in plant extracts [ 29303132 ]. Although numerous studies have been carried out for qualitative and quantitative determination of sterols in natural products, rather limited investigations have been conducted on phytosterols from some Allium species [ 333435 ].

The method is based on a previous published method [ 32 ], with some modification: the change of chromatographic column and mobile phase.

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Because the chemical composition of Allium species from Romania has been insufficiently studied, the aim of this work was to bring new data on sulphur-containing compounds, polyphenols and sterols on three Allium species: A. Results and Discussion 2. The Analysis of Polyphenols A high performance liquid chromatographic HPLC method has been developed for the determination of nineteen phenolic compounds eight phenolic acids, four quercetin glycosides, and seven flavonol and flavone aglycones from natural products.

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The simultaneous analysis of different classes of polyphenols was performed by a single column pass, and the separation of all examined compounds was carried out in 35 min. In order to obtain more accurate data on flavonoid glycosides and aglycones concentration, and to estimate the nature of hydrolysed compounds, each sample was analyzed before and after acid hydrolysis. The concentrations of identified polyphenolic compounds in all samples before and after acid hydrolysis are presented in Table 1.