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Chei de are use suisse anti aging

Nocturia is one of the cardinal symptoms of overactive bladder OAB. Persons with nocturia have the intention to continue sleep after going to the toilet which does not succeed to the same extent, depending on age.

chei de are use suisse anti aging

The natural occurrence of the plant, Bryophyllum pinnatum BP which is used in this observational study origins from Madagascar as well as in tropical Africa, South America and Asia.

In the folk medicine of these countries BP is widely used.

BP has a calming, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, diuretic and cytotoxic effects. According to previous preclinical and clinical studies the inhibiting effect of BP on overactive bladder was proven. Smooth muscle relaxation is not only required for preventing premature labour but also for symptom's relief of overactive bladder OAB. The flavonoid, aglycons and bufadienolides, are components of the pressed juice of the BP leaves that have comparable effects to the standard drug oxybutynin on chei de are use suisse anti aging smooth muscle cells.

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Since many year BP is used in obstetrics not only as tocolytics but also as a sedative and sleeping pill. There are known only few adverse events, such as skin irritation by intravenous application. The interest in phytotherapeutical drugs for treatment the chronic diseases is very high and Bryophyllum is also frequently used in Switzerland for hyperactive conditions. In Switzerland, following the vote on complementary medicine on Definitive inclusion in the catalogue of benefits will be granted if effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness can be demonstrated.

chei de are use suisse anti aging

The potential and side-effect profile of BP, as well as the social interest in research into alternative methods is the background to the implementation of this observational study. Descriere In the therapeutic concept of the treatment of OAB, antimuscarinic drugs play a central role.

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Especially elderly people are affected by these undesirable effects. Because of changes in the receptor profile, the effect of antimuscarinics and improvement of symptoms might be lowered in elderly people and another substance with less side effects would be of great interest. No such adverse effects are reported for B. Until now, there are few data for its use in OAB. Efficacy and tolerability of B. Recruitment time is planned from January, to January Ethics committee approval has been given.

chei de are use suisse anti aging